Challenge: day 5/ Minggu, 27 Juli 2014

5 Post a song that you used to love

Day 5 yeey (^o^)9" a song that i love the most is "tokyou" from yui. I love to play it with my prince :) i have another songs that i love soooo much are u sure u dont want to know it?



Suminareta kono heya wo dete yuku hi ga kita
Atarashii tabidachi ni mada tomadotteru

Eki made mukau basu no naka
Tomodachi ni meeru shita

Asa no hoomu de denwa mo shite mita
Demo nanka chigau ki ga shita

Furui gitaa wo hitotsu motte kita
Shashin wa zenbu oite kita

Nanika wo tebanashite soshite te ni ireru
Sonna kurikaeshi kana?

Tsuyogari wa itsu datte yume ni tsuzuiteru
Okubyou ni nattara soko de togireru yo

Hashiridashita densha no naka
Sukoshi dake nakete kita

Mado no soto ni tsuzuiteru kono machi wa
Kawaranaide to negatta

Furui gitaa wo atashi ni kureta hito
Toukyou wa kowai tte itteta

Kotae wo sagasu no wa mou yameta
Machigai darake de ii

Akai yuuyake ga biru ni togireta
Namida wo koraetemo

Tsugi no asa ga yatte kuru tabigoto ni
Mayou koto datte aru yo ne?

Tadashii koto bakari erabenai
Sore kurai wakatteru


The day has come when I will leave the room I’m so used to living in
My new journey is still disorienting me

On the bus to the station
I emailed my friend

On the platform in the morning, I tried calling too
But it felt like something had changed

I’ve brought one old guitar with me
I’ve left all my photos behind

Letting something go and then gaining something new
Does the same cycle repeat itself?

When I pretend to be strong, it always leads to dreams
When I let myself be cowardly, they stop

As the train began to move
I cried a little

I prayed that the town that spread out outside the window
Wouldn’t change

The person who gave me my old guitar
Said Tokyo was scary

I’ve stopped looking for answers
It doesn’t matter if I make mistake after mistake

The red sunset is cut up by the buildings
I hold back my tears

But the beginning of each new morning
Will bring confusion for me, won’t it?

I can’t only choose the right things
That much I know

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